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Success Stories


Asante Xavier holding baby Herman is married to Rasuli Kaondo. Asante which is literally translated as ‘thank you’ in Kiswahili is thankful to WAT-HST housing microfinance because they now have a home they can call their own at Mapunda. Baby Herman was born at Mapunda and according to Asante, she will be raised together with her older sister Happy at Mapunda, their home. Asante runs a stationery shop and photocopy service from their sitting room. They have installed a small solar panel which is the source of enrgy, though not sufficient enough according to Happiness, it is good enough for now. She is confident that when they complete paying the current loan, they will be able to borrow more to extend their house and create a bigger space to accommodate her small business outside their sitting room.


Mrs. Godwin Magalla is all smiles preparing ‘kisamvu’ for her family dinner. Kisamvu is a fresh green vegetable delicacy made from Kasava leaves. The leaves were picked from their urban agriculture initiative behind their house. Mrs Godwin said “we really appreciate WAT – HST , it is through WAT-HST that we were able to move into our own house, although it is small, but we are happy that irrespective of the ‘starting’ challenges we now live in our own plot and house”.


Happiness Shirima and David Dominic Mugaya, married with two children. They previously lived in a rented house, and harboured the dream of owning their own home. In 2013, David and Happiness began to search for a small plot of land on which to construct a house. They quickly encountered the problem of obtaining finance for this endeavour, as conventional loan products were too costly for them. They then approached WAT-HST where they qualified for a plot and house loan.

Happiness is a trained nursery school teacher and she has pioneered a nursery school outside their house which sometimes when the weather is “hostile” according to her, she moves her few pupils to their sitting room. She is facing some challenges which include limited number of children, but she is determined to grow the school as more clients Move in.


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