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Housing Support Services



WAT-HST housing support service (HSS) is a demand-driven service, designed to enable a household to reach adequate housing quality standards and to make health, safety as well as livelihood-related improvements. Families choose the housing improvements they will pay for based on their means, needs and circumstances.

Access to housing finance and secure tenure have been shown to be the most effective catalysts for self-built, incremental housing improvements. But while they are essential, even together, they are not sufficient to improve the living conditions for many of the world’s low-income populations.

Without access to adequate technical information and assistance on how to improve their dwellings, affordable, safe, healthy housing remains only a dream for the world’s poor.

Our housing support services include but not limited to:-
1.         Land and tenure: permits and entitlements.
2.         Financing: Assistance to access finance subsidy and savings facilities.
3.         Design and building services: Design advice, planning and sequencing of home improvements, budgeting, material selection and incremental core housing typologies.
4.         Housing: Quality assurance reviews and construction technical assistance and reviews on behalf of the owner.
4.         Building material: Assistance to obtain/produce quality building materials.
5.         Essential services: Assistance to secure/improve services (Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) and power).
6.         Training: Financial education.
7.         Community development: health and environmental issues (ongoing support).


We consider HSS as a complementary component of housing microfinance. We provide families with the necessary technical and financial information and resources to maximize the impact of housing investments that reduce their risk, improve their health, livelihoods and financial assets.

WAT-HST staff members are the primary providers of housing support services. The housing support services are managed through a partnership with a complex hierachial structure and an elaborate communication system.


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