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  Housing Microfinance  


Although excluded from formal financial systems, the poor are credit worthy and can improve their lives through access to credit and savings facilities. Microfinance has since grown to be recognized as a powerful tool in poverty alleviation in Tanzania.


WAT-HST exists to promote and facilitate adequate and affordable housing and secure tenure for low- and middle-income groups, particularly women. WAT-HST does this by providing housing microfinance (HMF).


In Tanzania, house construction is one of the big investments in one’s lifetime for the majority of low and medium income population, but it is so capital intensive that not many individuals or families can afford to acquire through their own normal savings. Housing microfinance as a mechanism provides borrowing opportunities for the less privileged households through land and housing loans facilities.


WAT-HST Housing Microfinance loan products are intended to serve the home improvement requirements of existing micro borrowers and depositors. Loans are offered to new clients that satisfy the requirements and pass the character and cash flow evaluation process. The loan product offers low and middle-income households with flexible credit services for financing home improvements or repairs, or acquiring a new home or buying land in a way that will make loan payments affordable.


The Housing MF loan product features and policies are based on the results of market research and feedback from micro clients on their home improvement activities and demand for external financing.


WAT-HST housing microfinance loan products strictly follow the basic microfinance loan product procedures for the field credit evaluation and cash flow analysis, the credit committee review and approval process, and the back office procedures for releasing loans to clients.


WAT-HST currently has 3 products: The WAT-HST land loan, the WAT-HST house loan and the WAT-HST land & house loan. Our loans are designed to help individuals acquire a surveyed plot/land and/or core house unit.


Our target market is low income earning and poor households that do not enjoy access to traditional housing finance .


Our Criteria:
-        Tanzanian citizen.
-      No criminal record.
-      No history of default.
-      Viable income generating activity (employed or self-employed).
-      Proof that the earnings from the income generating activity can adequately service a loan.
-      A resident or run a business within a 30km radius of the office of WAT HST-HMF.
-      Willing and able to meet loan terms and conditions set by WAT HST-HMF.

Interest rate:     24% / month (declining balance basis).
Loan Amount:   Max value Tsh 12,000,000.
Term:                    Maximum 36 months.
Collateral:           Land Title deed.


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