'Let us develop our human settlements'


Community Mobilization



WAT-HST assists capacity building at the community level and supports the growth of housing groups. Throughout the year we offer training sessions on: WAT-HST and its products and services, leadership capacity and good governance, member empowerment, loans management, lobbying and advocacy, financial management, issues such as HIV and AIDS, Gender, Environmental Sustainability, Youth Enterprises, and Urban Agriculture.

Community mobilization has traditionally been one of the most effective means of creating awareness to the target groups on WAT-HST’s HMF programme. Due to its significance, efforts have continuously been made to ensure that the approach becomes an efficient and effective means for community mobilization.

Mobilization meetings are conducted in targeted areas where potential clients for the HMF pilot program for both upgrading and new construction exist. Mobilization trainings are conducted immediately after intensive road shows, door to door marketing campaigns, or other awareness creation approaches. Groups are formed in the training sessions and during the follow-up meetings with Community Development Officers.


Advocacy and lobbying
We encourage national and local governments to appreciate the role of progressive housing, as opposed to new and relatively expensive project driven housing development. On behalf of our clients we lobby public authorities and pressure politicians to provide adequate infrastructure and services.


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